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About the Book

Learning to Fight Smart

Helms takes us through her unfiltered, uplifting story of chronic pain and severe depression to becoming a nationally recognized coalition builder and health care advocate as she battled to change a system that had failed millions.

Purpose and Perseverance

With stark honesty, she describes her personal struggle for appropriate care and the redemption she found challenging some of America’s most powerful healthcare corporations on behalf of patient fairness and access to affordable, appropriate standards of quality care for all.

Yes, you can!

Helms plots a roadmap for anyone who is frustrated with a broken, fragmented health care system that has failed many. Armed with truth, directed purpose and willful respect, Helms proves that the ‘Lion’s den’ is but a myth, waiting to be challenged and exposed.

Many voices come together when one voice stands up!

Speaking Requests

Passionate about patient rights and quality, affordable, appropriate healthcare, Liz is a powerful and engaging speaker who inspires both the individual and the audience as a whole to use their voice for purpose-driven action on behalf of others.

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From legislative outreach to community and chronic disease-centered awareness and fundraisers, there’s a place for every voice to participate and grow with other like-minded individuals.

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Share Your Story

Are you frustrated with your health plan? Are you being denied the medication or treatment you need? Has your care been delayed? Do you have an unfair pre-authorization issue?

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